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Comparison of RNA isolation methods on RNA-SEQ: Implications for differential expression and meta-analysis.

The increasing number of transcriptom datasets has enabled meta-analysis, which can be valuable because of the increase in their statistical strength. However, the meta-analysis can […]

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Small RNA Isolation and Library Construction for Expression Profiling of Small RNAs from Neurospora crassa and Fusarium oxysporum and Analysis of Small RNAs in Fusarium oxysporum-Infected Plant Root Tissue

Because of the important role in gene regulation, non-default RNA (SRNA) of 20-30 nucleotides (NT) has been studied intensively in mammals and plants and is […]

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RNA Isolation from Articular Cartilage Tissue

High quality RNA isolation directly from the desired network to get the right information from the profiles of gene in vivo expression in cells embedded […]

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